Our Programs

We offer programs broken down by age group and skill level.  We strive to make each class exciting and relevant per group. Students are not restricted to only once a week attendance but can come as often as they like!   We recommend 2 - 3 classes per week.

Classes per Age Group & Skill Set

Tiger Rock Cubs Ages 4 - 5


  Our Tiger Cubs journey is a 7 step training program that turns learning, listening, sharing and how to obey into a fun, game based martial arts experience. 


The Cubs Program works to address these key training areas:

Balance & Coordination

Focus & Concentration


Stranger Awareness

Advancement & Competition

Play Based Social Interaction

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Juniors Program Ages 6 - 10


  Tiger-Rock Juniors will learn the foundations of martial arts along with continuing to develop their physical, social and life skills development.   In addition, these students will begin their self-defense training and anti-bullying education 


The Juniors Program works to address these key training areas:

Striking, Kicking & Sparring

Physical Fitness

Self-Defense & Anti-Bullying


Leadership & Citizenship

Advancement & Competition 


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Teen & Adult Programs



Tiger-Rock Martial Arts provides a positive environment for teens and pre-teens aged 11-15. When a student becomes part of our teen martial arts program, they join a group of like-minded peers. Students experience growth mentally, emotionally, and socially in our program. There are many exciting training, competitive, and leadership opportunities that enhance the student’s Tiger-Rock experience 


 Improve flexibility, coordination, strength, endurance, focus and more with adult martial arts training at Tiger-Rock! The proven rewards of martial arts range from reducing stress to maintaining a physical edge to increasing mental keenness. Take advantage of our flexible schedule that offers classes to fit your busy lifestyle — evening and weekend classes ensure you can train and achieve your goals! 

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